Choosing The Right Commercial Chiller

March 16, 2023


Choosing The Right Commercial Chiller

When it comes to choosing the right commercial chiller for your business, there are a few key factors that you should consider before you invest.

Commercial chillers are use in commercial and industrial environments to remove the thermal energy created within your space, restoring it to the desired temperature.

Choosing Your Chiller

First things first, you should assess your premises to decide the size of chiller that you will need. This will depend on the available space and amount of cooling you require in your building.

Energy efficiency is also an important part of selecting your chiller, which is why you should opt for a chiller with a good energy efficiency rating to get the very most out of your chiller.

Most importantly, you must consider the type of chiller that will best suit your needs; with a few different options on the market, it’s essential to ensure that you select a suitable chiller for you.

The main types of chillers available are:

Air-Cooled Chillers

An air-cooled chiller is a cooling system that uses air as its source of cooling.

Working by drawing air in from the outside environment and then passing it through a heat exchanger, an air-cooled chiller is highly effective as the heat exchanger will remove the heat from the air before it is expelled back into the atmosphere. 

Often used in industrial and commercial buildings, air-cooled chillers are a cost-effective, energy efficient method for providing accurate climate control within a building. 

Water-Cooled Chillers

A water-cooled chiller is a cooling system that uses water to transfer heat away from the designated area. The water within the chiller is circulated through a series of pipes, and a refrigerant is used to cool the water and remove the heat from the area. 

Similar to air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers are brilliant for keeping both commercial and industrial areas cool, including:

  • Factory floors
  • Computer server rooms
  • Pools
  • Offices

Absorption Chillers

An absorption chillers is a type of cooling system that is powered by heat as opposed to being powered by electricity, making it a cost-effective alternative to using expensive electricity. 

Absorption chillers use a combination of water and a refrigerant to absorb and remove energy from warm air. As this heat is absorbed, it is transferred to the refrigerant and cooled by a heat exchanger.

Once the refrigerant is cooled, it is then returned to the absorption chiller and used to cool the air again, making it a highly efficient operation. The process is repeated over and over until the desired temperature is reached. 

Absorption chillers are often used in industrial or commercial buildings where an abundant source of heat is available, such as in waste incineration plants, or geothermal power plants. They can be more efficient than traditional compression refrigeration systems in these applications, as they can use waste heat instead of electricity to drive the cooling process.

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