What are the sustainability best practices that can help your company compete?

In a commissioned study recently conducted by Forrester Consulting, developed in collaboration with Johnson Controls, 72 percent of respondents indicated that implementing or maturing their sustainability programs is not only a top priority but has also increased in importance over the past two years. An overwhelming majority of 2,348 senior sustainability leaders surveyed in 25 countries across the globe are investing in cleaner and more energy-efficient buildings.

Johnson Controls is the global leader in smart, healthy and sustainable buildings. Our legacy of innovation stretches back more than 135 years, and we are constantly looking at ways to keep our customers at the cutting edge. One way we do this is through conducting in-depth research to ensure we hear the voice of the customer.

This global study assessed how companies are pursuing their sustainability goals. The results were emphatic and illustrated that sustainability is now a top business priority for companies. In fact, our findings showed delivering growth and competitive advantage are now the main drivers for companies to commit to net zero. Download the study or read the key findings below. 

A tablet displaying a commissioned study by Forrester

This was a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, developed in collaboration with Johnson Controls.

Infographic detailing the study by Forrester

The Race to Net Zero in your industry

Learn best practices and get recommendations for navigating the path to sustainability within your industry. Take a look at our industry-specific studies available for the following markets:

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Data Centres

Sustainability drives competitive advantage. Did you know that almost eight out of ten data center decision-makers report improved efficiency and brand reputation after implementing sustainability transformation initiatives?

Woman sitting on a bench with a laptop in her lap


The world’s leading colleges and universities are attracting students who care by putting initiatives in place and the benefits are clear: more than 8 out of 10 campuses already enjoy improved brand reputation. How can you catch up?

elderly couple holiday resort


Most hospitality firms struggle with measurement and scaling sustainability initiatives, hindering their ability to achieve decarbonization goals. How can this be addressed to help improve profitability and meet guest expectations?

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Commercial Real Estate & Retail

Sustainability is a critical investment for your commercial real estate or retail business. And not just for compliance, but for happier customers. Are you working with the right partners to meet your goals?

Two healthcare professionals in conversation, while one holds a clipboard


Demand for healthcare leaders to improve sustainability and building operations efficiency is growing, yet many still struggle to measure the impact of their investments. What metrics should be measured and how can that be done?

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Energy, Utilities and Waste Management

Sustainability initiatives bring powerful business benefits for leading energy and utility companies. In addition to decreased costs and improved regulatory compliance, 3 out of 4 are seeing an increase in customer loyalty. How do you compare?

Two factory workers looking at a tablet in a factory


Many companies using industrial refrigeration and heating solutions are in the midst of a sustainable transformation but lack metrics and methods to assess the impact. Are you letting your sustainability initiatives freeze?

A Quick Briefing

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OpenBlue Net Zero Buildings Forrester Study - driving sustainability success

OpenBlue Net Zero Buildings is your proven pathway to decarbonization and meeting your renewable energy goals while optimizing your building’s performance. Now is the time to make net zero leadership easier than ever. Buildings account for some 40 percent of global emissions, and we are uniquely placed to help customers worldwide pursue their net zero carbon goals.

We offer industry-leading net-zero advice, one-source turnkey access to the full spectrum of our building solutions, market-leading digital technology and the ability to transfer your net zero targets to us, allowing you to pay for outcomes, not assets.

The race to decarbonization is well and truly underway, and our customer-focused solutions can give you a real edge over your competitors. This is net zero leadership made easy.


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