OpenBlue Pioneer: Village of Patchogue

A role model for sustainable communities of the future
Wall board depicting Village of Patchogue as a Great Neighborhood

Village of Patchogue, New York, USA

Budgets shrink but demands grow – that is what local governments face today. Challenges are set and big questions are asked, including: “How do you ensure a sustainable future for the next generation?” The village of Patchogue, on Long Island, New York, partnered with Johnson Controls to answer these kinds of questions. They took the smart leap and transformed the infrastructure of their tight-knit community to ensure it remains a beautiful place to live, work, learn and play. Did we mention they could save more than $8 million while doing so?

Building a better tomorrow

The village of Patchogue is setting the gold standard for community revitalisation. Hear from mayor Paul Pontieri and the Johnson Controls team on how they turned good ideas into great solutions that build a better tomorrow.

The Patchogue lighthouse at sunset

Saving $8 million while setting the gold standard for sustainable community revitalisation

Municipalities are more than names on a map. They are home, places where people live, work, learn and play. The village of Patchogue is a visionary role model in the State of New York, proud to take the smart leap by transforming their community into a smarter, healthier, safer, and more sustainable place – all while saving millions.

Paul Pontieri, mayor of Village of Patchogue

“The role of mayor is to take care of the community, to take care of today's issues, to solve yesterday's problems, but really, more importantly, to bring the community forward into the future.”

Mayor Paul Pontieri

The power of partnership

The village of Patchogue is going green. Now other local municipalities who are anxious to show that they care about their people and the environment are taking note of this Long Island role model.

Partnering with Johnson Controls, village officials have developed a clear roadmap to achieving their net zero and renewable energy goals. With multiple energy-efficient upgrades to HVAC, lighting, and temperature control systems, they are well on their way to reaching these sustainability goals.

Not to mention, these upgrades are designed to save Patchogue more than $8 million in the next 25 years – all while improving the quality of life for the community and visitors alike.

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Empty Patchogue theatre
Infographic depicting the achievements of Village of Patchogue as a sustainable community

Village of Patchogue- setting the gold standard for sustainable communities

 Taking the smart leap into a better tomorrow.

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