The Microsoft office in Beijing surrounded by greenery

Microsoft Beijing West Campus, Beijing, China

Beijing West Campus is the headquarters of Microsoft in China. The team there is using the power of data and artificial intelligence to reduce their buildings’ energy use and emissions. The state-of-the-art technological advancements are also creating a healthier working environment for employees.

Moving forward together

Microsoft Beijing West Campus is taking advantage of its own technologies and collaborating with Johnson Controls to create a healthy, efficient and sustainable workplace. In doing so, it’s setting a benchmark for the offices of the future to meet.

The Microsoft office in Beijing lit up during night-time

Smart buildings derive from data, smart operation comes from collaboration

Buildings represent the companies they house – their vision and values. Advanced technologies and collaboration between forward-thinking enterprises will create the smart, healthy and sustainable workplaces of the future that are good for people and our planet.

Kaijun Chen, Senior Portfolio Manager, Microsoft Beijing West Campus, RE&F China, Microsoft

“You need reliable, stable and experienced partners, the right technology, as well as a clear plan to bring more value to your concept. Johnson Controls offered us all of those things.”

Kaijun Chen, Senior Portfolio Manager, Microsoft Beijing West Campus, RE&F China, Microsoft

Tech helps to cut energy use and emissions – and clears the air

Welcome to Microsoft Beijing West Campus, the headquarters in China for one of the top three largest companies in the world. No enterprise achieves such standing without consistent innovation and constant achievement. The visionaries at Microsoft want to create a cleaner, healthier world – inside and outside their office space. To do this, they’re utilizing our Metasys building automation system and AI-enhanced OpenBlue suite of connected solutions.

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Various layouts displayed on the screen in a meeting room

Technology collaboration to help enterprise cut energy use and carbon emissions

Microsoft Beijing West Campus shows the benefit of collaboration, for partners, employees and the environment. The campus is utilizing its own data and technologies, our Metasys building automation system and our OpenBlue suite of connected solutions to accelerate decarbonisation and improve air quality.

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Smart steps to decarbonisation

Paving the way for smart, eco-friendly builds and sustainable workplaces.

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Infographic depicting the OpenBlue solutions provided to Microsoft office in Beijing

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