Low-angle view of Derwent London, London, UK

Derwent London, London, UK

Derwent London plans to become a net zero carbon business by 2030. To achieve its ambitious goal, it must reduce energy use and emissions across all 96 buildings in its portfolio. The business is harnessing the power of data and deploying artificial intelligence to make the required savings, and to meet tenants’ demands – now and in the future.

Building a zero-carbon future

Derwent London’s commitment to achieving net zero is showcased at the iconic White Collar Factory in central London. In this video, Matt Massey and Michael Simons discuss the technologies that help them run the building efficiently and explain how we’re working together to find solutions to the sector’s sustainability challenges.

Close-up of a building with "White Collar Factory" written on it

Data is the foundation smart buildings are constructed on

The workplaces of the future won’t be constructed entirely from bricks and mortar. Advanced technologies are also being used to create a digital infrastructure that industry leaders are building smart, healthy and sustainable spaces on.

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Michael Simons, Digital and Innovation Manager, Derwent London

“As we work towards 2030 our highly collaborative partnership with Johnson Controls means we’re constantly going to find new ways to innovate and fine-tune our portfolio.”

Michael Simons, Digital and Innovation Manager, Derwent London

AI uncovers hidden efficiencies

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help organisations manage the extraordinary amount of data that buildings generate. Find out how Derwent London is using it to identify hidden efficiencies, improve the performance of its assets, and proactively manage its operations.

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Derwent London, London, UK along with other high-rise buildings
Interior of Derwent London

Technology changes the way property portfolios are managed

Derwent London demonstrates the benefits of deploying advanced technologies extend beyond the building. It’s using the intelligence it gathers from its properties to change the way it manages its portfolio. Learn more about the team’s approach in our detailed report.

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The path to net zero

Smart building technologies give Derwent London the data and insight it needs to drive change.

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Infographic depicting the OpenBlue solutions provided to the Derwent London

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