Portable Gas Detection (Multi-Gas)

Portable Multi-Gas Monitors

Johnson Controls holds both Crowcon and Tyco stock and can supply multi-gas monitors, for personal use and portable safety applications, providing protection against a wide range of industrial gas hazards.

Portable Multi-Gas Alarm Systems - Safeguarding Lives and Property

In environments where hazardous gases are present, ensuring the safety of both personnel and property is paramount. Portable multi-gas alarm systems are essential in these areas, offering real-time monitoring and early warning against potential threats.

The UK hosts a diverse range of industries, from manufacturing plants to laboratories, where the presence of gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, hydrogen sulphide, and others pose serious risks to health and safety. In these environments, a single gas alarm system might not suffice, given the multitude of gases that could be present. Hence the importance of a multi-gas system.

A Comprehensive Gas Detection System

Multi-gas alarm systems are designed to detect a variety of gases simultaneously, providing comprehensive protection in diverse settings. Whether it’s a confined space in a factory, a construction site, or a laboratory, these portable devices continuously monitor the air for any signs of danger.

Early detection is crucial. By offering real-time monitoring, they immediately alert personnel to the presence of harmful gases long before they reach dangerous levels. This early warning ensures operators can take prompt action, preventing potential accidents, injuries, or even fatalities.

In the UK, stringent regulations govern workplace safety, particularly in industries where hazardous gases are prevalent. Employers have a legal obligation to provide a safe working environment for their employees, which includes implementing adequate gas detection measures. Portable multi-gas alarm systems not only help businesses comply with regulatory standards, but also demonstrate a commitment to prioritising the well-being of their workforce.

Unlike fixed gas alarm systems, which are limited to specific locations, portable multi-gas alarms offer enhanced mobility and flexibility. They can be easily carried around by personnel, allowing for continuous monitoring regardless of location. Whether it’s conducting routine inspections, responding to emergencies, or navigating through confined spaces, these portable devices ensure that safety is never compromised.

In addition to detecting gases, portable multi-gas alarm systems play a crucial role in complementing gas suppression systems. In the event of a fire, gaseous fire suppression systems are activated to extinguish the flames by releasing suppressant agents such as carbon dioxide or clean agents like FM-200. However, before these systems can be deployed safely, it is essential to ensure that the area is free from any hazardous gases that could react with the suppressants or pose a threat to personnel. Portable multi-gas alarm systems provide this vital assurance, allowing for the effective and safe operation of gas suppression systems when needed most.

At Johnson Controls, we supply both Crowcon and Tyco, market leaders in multi-gas alarm systems and gaseous fire suppression. You can contact us to discuss your requirements using the form at the bottom of the page or learn more about our gas suppression technology and control panels here.


T4 Portable Gas Detector by Johnson Controls

T4 Portable Gas Detectors (Multi-gas)

  • Carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, flammable gases and oxygen depletion
  • Robustness and low cost of ownership
  • Front mounted, backlit. Optional 180° flip for easy viewing whilst worn
  • IP67
Gas-Pro detector device by Johnson Controls


  • Easy-to-see top-mount back-lit display, single-button operation
  • Detection of up to 5 gases in a compact, rugged solution
  • Automatic fail-safe flow plate recognition
  • Safety™ tri-colour status indicator
  • Integral over moulded anti-shock case
Tetra:3 (T3) gas detector device by Johnson Controls

Tetra:3 (T3)

  • Up to 4 gas capability
  • Single button operation for all functions
  • Rugged design provides extra shock and vibration protection
  • Lithium-ion battery provides over 16 hours continuous operation
  • Water and dust resistant to IP67
  • Loud 95dBA audible alarm, vibrating alarm, dual colour red/blue visual alarm
Triple Plus+ gas detector device by Johnson Controls

Triple Plus+

  • Up to 4 gas capability
  • Interchangeable sensors allows full flexibility
  • Large simultaneous four gas display with backlight
  • Loud audible alarm, bright visual alarm
  • Full timed data-logging file with 100 hour capacity
Triple Plus+ IR gas detector by Johnson Controls

Triple Plus+ IR

  • Up to 4 gas capability
  • Single IR 0-100%LEL Methane sensor with the capacity to fit three other sensors
  • Dual range IR 0-100% LEL/Vol sensor with the capacity to fit two other sensors
  • Large simultaneous four gas display with backlight
  • Loud audible alarm, bright visual alarm
Detective+ gas detector by Johnson Controls


  • Portable area monitor with up to 4 gas capability
  • Ultra-loud 100 dBA sounder and red LED cluster alarms
  • Wide range of sensor options including infra-red
  • Long 36 or 60-hour battery life
  • Raised detectors, coupled with IP65 provides excellent sensor protection
  • Built-in pump option to provide faster gas response
GMI PS200 gas detector by Johnson Controls


  • 4 gas unit
  • Robust design
  • Suitable for various confined space and industrial applications
  • Wide range of PS200 supported accessories
GMI PS500 gas detector by Johnson Controls


  • 5 gas unit
  • Robust design
  • Cost effective and suitable for various industrial applications
  • Accessories available
GMI Gasurveyor 500 gas detector by Johnson Controls

GMI Gasurveyor 500

  • Combustible Gas Indicator, Confined Space Monitor, Purge and Sweep
  • Gases Detected: CO, H2S, combustible (ppm, LEL, % Volume), O2
  • 15 hour battery life (4 ‘D’ size alkaline) or 9 hours (Rechargeable battery pack)
  • Approvals: ATEX, CE, IECEx, CSA, UL and MED approved
Scott Protege gas detector by Johnson Controls

Scott Protege Gas Detector

  • Up to 4 gas capability
  • Easy to use 2 button control in tough and robust construction
  • Bright red dual flashing alarm bars / 90dB audible alarm / internal vibrating alarm
  • Approved to IP67 protection, ATEX
ALTAIR® 2X Gas Detectors  by Johnson Controls

ALTAIR® 2X Gas Detectors

  • One or two gas detector 
  • XCell Pulse Technology: H2S
  • Stand-alone bump test - eliminates the need for bottled gas
  • Man-down alarm
ALTAIR® 4X Multi Gas Detector by Johnson Controls

ALTAIR® 4X Multi Gas Detector

  • Two-tox CO/H2S sensor
  • Two-tox CO H2-RES/H2S sensor
  • Two-tox CO/H2S-LC sensor
  • Two-tox CO/NO2 and SO2/H2S-LC sensors
  • Typical life greater than four years
ALTAIR® 5X Multi Gas Detector by Johnson Controls

ALTAIR® 5X Multi Gas Detector

  • Up to 6 gas capability
  • MotionAlert and InstantAlert alarm for additional safety
  • Super bright LEDs / 95dB audible alarm / Vibration
  • Approved to IP65
  • IR – 100% vol methane sensor (for inert applications)
BW GasAlert MicroClip XT gas detector by Johnson Controls

BW GasAlert MicroClip XT

  • IP68 for maximum water and dust protection
  • All-new Oxygen sensor that operates consistently for 5 years
  • 3-year warranty
  • Extended 18-hour battery runtime with 1 button operation
X-am® 2500 MSHA Approved detector by Johnson Controls

X-am® 2500 MSHA Approved

  • Especially developed for use as personal protection
  • 1-4 gas detector reliably detects combustible gases and vapours, as well as O2, CO, NO2, SO2 and H2S
  • Reliable and fully mature measuring technology
  • Durable sensors and easy handling guarantee a high degree of safety
X-am® 5000 gas detector by Johnson Controls

X-am® 5000

  • Up to 5 gas capability
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • 2 button control panel and user-friendly functionality
  • Capability of 0 - 100% LEL and 0-100% Vol methane sensors
  • Robust and approved to IP67 protection, ATEX, MED 96/98/E
BM25 Transportable Multi-Gas Detector by Johnson Controls

BM25 Transportable Multi-Gas Detector

  • Designed for team protection or area surveillance
  • Suitable for perimeter monitoring, rig overhauls, and mobile or short-term work in areas where fixed detection systems are not suitable
  • Wireless option to allow each unit to operate as a node able to receive, send and relay data to any other BM25 wireless unit or control unit in range

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