An Intelligent, Integrated Approach to Enterprise Security

For businesses today, data is one of the most valuable assets and keeping it secure from cyber threats is their top priority. In addition to data, organisations must also protect its people and assets from external vulnerabilities, which is a challenging task.

In view of this, we offer enterprises a comprehensive converged cyber-physical security solution that strengthens the overall corporate cyber security setup. This integrated security solution relies on machine learning models and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to address real-time threats, while keeping a check on false alarms. As a result, enterprises will have a streamlined approach to manage security incidents and to continually improve risk management, which increases the overall operational efficiency.

Adopt a Proactive Security Posture

We are world-leading cyber security providers and at the heart of our CCS platform is a suite of powerful features to transform your management of security priorities and adopt a proactive security posture.

  • Complex Event Processing for Intelligent Alarm and Event Management: A custom business rules engine leverages machine learning and AI, greatly reducing the volume of nuisance alarm data
  • Situational Awareness: Understanding the complete event with asset details helps to increase operational efficiency with timely response
  • Risk and Threat Management: The tool’s risk dashboard links internal assets and events with the external threat landscape to determine a real-time risk score for proactive response
  • Asset Optimisation: Aggregate connected and non-connected devices to manage service and maintenance needs across your enterprise

The future innovation for security is here

Johnson Controls Converged Cyber-Physical Security offer a comprehensive view of your security situation to protect your enterprise from all angles and threats. Using analytics and notifications from internal and external data sources, you can keep your facility secured with the SOC system in place.

Whether you are concerned about external threats or insider threats, Converged Cyber-Physical Security solutions helps you monitor and protect your facilities’ assets and occupants.

How Johnson Controls Uses Analytics to Keep People, Assets, and Data Safer

Security often consists of numerous discreet systems, but in a smart building integrating those systems, the data they generate is key to a smarter building and security system. Security systems, like intrusion security, use access controls and video surveillance that each send data to building owners. However, by funnelling that data through comprehensive security solutions leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, security systems can identify threats and risks to enable a proactive and true smart building response.

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