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Accurate, reliable air flow is a must-have to meet today’s IAQ requirements—especially for the health and comfort of building occupants. But whether it’s a new installation or a retrofit, every project is unique. To suit your needs, we offer two methods to measure and control HVAC air flow: differential pressure and thermal dispersion.


Choose between differential pressure and thermal dispersion to fit your unique needs.


Helps you meet IAQ requirements for minimum ventilation.

Highly Efficient

Airflow measurement with top-quality performance.
AD 1272 advanced thermal dispersion probe airflow measuring system unit

AD-1272 Advanced Thermal Dispersion Probe

For new installations or retrofit applications with cutting-edge technology.

  • Up to 128 sensing points
  • Enables tool-free setup and configuration
  • Standard communication cabling
AD 1250 differential pressure air measuring unit

AD-1250 Airflow Measuring Station

An accurate and economical solution for measuring, reporting, and controlling airflow.

  • Easy installation and reduced commissioning time
  • Factory-assembled
  • Multiple airflow sensing probes
AD 1251 probe with differential pressure transducer

AD-1251 Airflow Probe

Engineered specifically to measure air flow in duct applications.

  • Slip fit mounting provides easy installation
  • Factory-piped DPT with display
  • Horizontal or vertical application
RA- 1250 Airflow Measuring System unit

RA- 1250 Airflow Measuring System

Accurate and repeatable measurement with improved fan speed.

  • LCD screen
  • Multiple-pivot hinge design
  • NIST traceable calibration at each sensing point
RA 2000 airflow measuring system damper

RA- 2000 Control Dampers

The airflow measuring system limits pressure drop through the damper.

  • One-piece construction
  • Airfoil shaped flow sensing blades- 18 inch (457 mm) diameter
  • Formed shroud inserts easily into round ductwork

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