Batteries for Solar Systems – Natural Energy

Be it your weekend home, mobile home, boat, or the mobile supply for your radio or TV: with a solar system and a battery by Johnson Controls you can rely on an economical and advanced solution for your mobile supply. Even at night or on overcast days, you have the certainty of a reliable power supply. Our batteries efficiently store solar energy, also over longer periods, and release it reliably. During recent years, use of environment-friendly solar energy has increased. Solar energy systems are easy to install, easy to expand, and easy to disassemble. They're economical as well, since there are no energy costs during operation. In addition, solar energy systems are subject to virtually no mechanical wear. A solar energy system requires a reliable solar battery for charge acceptance and storage. A solar battery from Johnson Controls is characterized by:
  • high charge acceptance
  • durability in cycle operation
  • good rechargeability
  • virtually no maintenance