NAE - Network Automation Engine

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MSEA – Metasys System Extended Architecture


Network Automation Engines (NAEs) enable Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity and Web-based access to Metasys® Building Management Systems (BMS).

NAEs leverage standard building management communication technologies, including BACnet® protocol, LonWorks® network, and N2 Bus protocol to monitor and supervise a wide variety of Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC); lighting; security; fire; and access control equipment. 

NAEs provide comprehensive equipment monitoring and control, scheduling, alarm and event management, energy management, data exchange, data trending, and data storage. 

NAEs feature an embedded Site Management Portal user interface, support multiple concurrent Web browser sessions with password and permission access control, and provide the protection of industry standard Information Technology (IT) security. 

NAE55 models support a comprehensive set of supervisory features and functions for large facilities and technically advanced buildings and complexes. 

The NAE35/NAE45 models enable cost-effective NAE connectivity and control in smaller facilities, and can extend NAE supervisory functions in larger facilities. The NAE85 is a high-capacity NAE that allows integration of large BACnet IP systems and can take the place of multiple NAEs.

NAE - Network Automation Engine

• Communication Using Commonly Accepted IT Standards at the Automation 
  and Enterprise Level 
• Web-Based User Interface 
• Site Director Function 
• Support for Web Services at the Automation Network Level 
• User Interface and Online System Configuration Software Embedded in NAE 
• Supervision of Field Controller Networks Including BACnet MS/TP, N2 Bus, 
  LonWorks Network, and BACnet IP Devices 
• Multiple Connection Options for Data Access

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