LN Series - Application Specific Controllers

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MSEA – Metasys System Extended Architecture


The Metasys® system LN Series application specific controller family includes the Fan Coil Unit. (FCUL), Rooftop Unit (RTUL), Heat Pump Unit (HPUL), and Unit Ventilator (UVL) controllers. 

The Metasys system LN Series application specific controller can be configured through any LonWorks® Network Services (LNS®) compliant software with an easy-to-use LNS plug-in. The plug-in is designed to simplify complex programming and sequencing methods by prompting the user for the necessary configuration data. 

The controllers automatically select the operation sequence from the plug-in input and output configuration and from the network variables. The Metasys system LN Series application specific controller family is built to meet rigorous quality standards. The complete family of controllers is designed for use with any LonWorks network open and interoperable system.

LN Series - Application Specific Controller

• LonWorks® network compliant and certified - complies with LonMark® Interoperability 
  guidelines Version 3.3. The controllers are based on Echelon® LonWorks® technology 
  for peer-to-peer communication between controllers. Each controller qualifies for the 
  LonMark® Functional Profile for each application 
• Ability to link spare Input/Output (I/O) points to other controllers on the network; 
  stand-alone unit or part of a network system - provides great network flexibility and 
• Robust Hardware – Features a fire retardant plastic enclosure

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